About us

We are a non-profit 501c(3) organization that has served the Houston area since 2003. Flaah Islamic Center provides prayer services, Islamic education, and events for the community.

Our Masjid

Filled with Iman.

Our masjid is built on the sole purpose of providing the local community a place where they can practice and learn about Islam. We strive to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and has a sense of belonging within our community.  

Our guide



Preach the words of Allah through the holy book.



Get a deeper understanding of Islam through the sayings of the Prophet.



Guide the Ummah to follow the footsteps of our Prophet and the companions.

Our Mission

Fostering a welcoming community rooted in the teachings of Islam

Our community

We offer both religious events and social gatherings throughout the year all for the purpose of bringing people together.
Our growing community consists of people of all backgrounds and ethnicities that come together in the name of Islam.

Founded in 2003

Our history

We opened our first musalla in a small warehouse back in 2003 where we stayed for 2 years developing the newly created community. We moved to our current location in 2005 and constructed a temporary musalla that we expanded into the currently used building. Now we are in the process of constructing the final masjid that will serve generations to come.

Our timeline


Opened small musalla located on Maryard Rd.


Moved to current property on Jackrabbit Rd.


Expanded musalla into currently used building.


Began construction of new masjid.

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